For more than two centuries of history Orsi has achivied a wide amount of technical and cultural experiences, developing an efficent and flexible productive structure which is able to satisfy every furnishing requirement.

The taste of beauty, the technical skills, the passion for handicraft, a novelty conscious sensibility and contacts with international customers and comparison with interior designers and architects around the world, have allowed Orsi to mature a peculiar identity, which keeps itself unchanged even through experience of styles and lines that are always new and different.

Personal furnishings on design comes abreast of high quality contract, making series as well as hundreds of unique pieces,  in order to offer the customer a full service, starting from technical-stylistic support, to constructive design and careful final manufacture.

A production that includes all historical furniture styles whitch Orsi makes a reinterpretation, philological method and modern in style, which is expressed in elegant and contemporary collections.

For these reason many italian and foreign architects and designers choose Orsi for important and prestigious furnishings of villas, hotels and public areas all over the world.